Day 84 Up to Prescott

As our site had no facilities a very early morning coffee was in order to access the toilets! The tent was nice and dry and we were away by 7.30. We are going 28 miles today to the National Forest Site at White Spur, just outside Prescott. There is a height gain of 1600 ft today but steady as she goes is our watchword for the day (even though it is more than one word).

Wee stop! (No not small)

Continuing along highway 89, a good shoulder (you are probably very bored by me saying this but if you cycle you will know how important it is, big is best). We rapidly (yes we did cycle quite quickly for us) reached Chino, it is another of these long towns in this case about 8 miles long. It has all the essential shops KFC, McDonalds, Arby’s and even the occasional real shop.

Bye Chino

Through the town itself there is no shoulder but there is a footpath, of course the exception being the brand new road where there is no footpath and no shoulder, remember the car is king and I need to drive to get everywhere.

A good shoulder

Not far past Chino we passed through granite hills with some huge outcrops of rock, then shortly after there was the city limits sign for Prescott but then another sign proclaimed 7.5 miles to historic downtown Prescott. Here we stopped for refreshments and I saw a tyre (tire) inflation pump, what is unusual about that? I hear you say, look carefully at the picture.

Pay using a credit card

Then we arrived in Prescott main town and a welcome break in the main square, and it is a lovely town it probably deserved a couple of days here really. An icecream was sampled, Prickly Pear flavour from the prickly pear cactus very nice.

Prescott centre

Highway 89 out of town to the campground,  a brief stop at the grocery for food, then uphill to White Spur Campground, this is a fantastic site one of the nicest forestry sites we have stopped on. We saw so many birds (very few we could actually name) here all coming down to the puddle under the water tap for a drink.

Mark on the site next to us kindly donated a beer, much appreciated. He even offered an outside shower which we declined. A long conversation later and again someone else completely disillusioned by the political system, not wanting either of the candidates to win.

Beer, cake and diary

A very nice end to the day.

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