Day 82 Resting in Williams

Just a nice restful day no pressure to even move (just to get food maybe, or alcohol for sure). You may notice the flurry of posts, it is the first good WiFi for quite a while.

When we started the Great divide, it was billed as this great remote lonely adventure where you are likely to be eaten by a bear or be lost in pine forests for weeks on end. In actual fact it was a very accessible route, you still needed care but you only felt remote on very rare occasions. The Grand Canyon connector we have found parts to be very remote indeed, long distances between stores (and the stores often poorly stocked), campgrounds and most importantly water.

I have not even managed to take many pictures today but here are a couple.

Totals so far 2093 miles cycled, 113500 ft climbed (three and a half times the height of Mt Everest)

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