Day 77 Another day with a cheat in.

In a motel it does not take long to get ready, so we were straight off. Packing an extra 10 litres of water in case we have to camp by the roadside. A short drop down to the Colorado river (this is where the Grand Canyon starts and continues for 277 miles) crossing the Navajo bridge.

The Grand Canyon Starts

It was here we entered the Navajo Reservation Lands.

Then it started, a 36 mile climb up with the occasional flat (and some maisonettes), it was never steep but always constant. The road itself was very quiet (you will notice roads are quiet with the cars making the noise) with little traffic. It followed the opposite side of the canyon from Cliff Dwellers and the Vermillion Cliffs of yesterday.

Looking across towards Cliff Dwellers

Our morning excitement was 3 speeding sheriff and park ranger cars with everthing flashing, off to an accident somewhere.

At 14 miles we left the 89A and joined the 89, this was a lot busier but it did have a proper shoulder. As we cycled there was caravan after caravan on the land to our left, not crowded in but widely spaced, these will be owned by Native Americans although we did not see anyone around.

The road, the up

Upwards we went eventually gaining 2300 ft in height over the 36 miles. The scenery was so very dry, sand and scrubby grass everywhere. Then it was a 4 mile drop down to a town called Gap here there was a gas station and trading post. There had been nowhere at all you could have pitched a tent at any point of todays ride.

General tiredness had set in, did I mention the headwind we also had to contend with all today? Well there was this headwind which ….

It was time for plan B, find a pickup to ride in, we lurked at the gas station waiting to pounce. Trying to talk to any Native Americans proved almost impossible, they did not make even eye contact and just ignored us. So we asked someone who looked like they were visitors and the first one said yes. Janet sat inside,  I had to sit in the back of pickup with the bikes. On our way we passed several pullins where Navajo roadside sellers sold handmade jewellery, rugs, shawls etc.

Just before Gap

30 miles later and we were stopped thanked our lift and camped in Cameron, a small town with a motel, gas station, trading post and RV park. We had a nice meal in the trading post then retired for sleep.

The metropolis that is Cameron

Our home for the night

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