Day 75 Saturday 8th October, a fine day for a walk.

Today we are going to walk the Widforss Trail, a 5 mile one way (which gives a 10 mile round trip, for the mathematically challenged amongst us). It was a short cycle (made for short people) down the bridleway again to the Kaibab Trailhead from yesterday then another mile on the road and track to the start.

When we arrived there was not a single (or married) person there, it was very quiet. It was a lovely stroll through the woods on a winding footpath along the edge of the North Rim giving intermittent views of The Transept (a side canyon off Grand Canyon).

We saw a small flock of mule deer along with several different bird species (all too fast for the cameraman).

This is the largest Ponderosa Pine in the area (go hug a tree right now, when was the last time you did that?) With a circumference of 4 metres, the question is, are two trees with circumferences of 2 metres equivalent to this one tree (look up the best value pizza problem). The tree is estimated to be 300 – 500 years old.

A nice lunch stop at Widforss Point itself, here the views were very impressive. Then on the return journey we saw a few other walkers.

The evening saw us hop onto a shuttle to the lodge, as the all you can eat buffet beckoned. It was very nice indeed, in particular the beef brisket sliced very thickly. Then we tried to hop but the mass of the all you can eat stopped us so we settled for stepping on to the return shuttle.
Sleep came very quickly tonight for some reason.

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