Day 74 A day for a walk

Today we decided to walk (hike if you are american) a little of the Kaibab Trail, this is a long distance path connecting the North and South rims of Grand Canyon. We however will just go as far as the Supai Tunnel, a small but imprssive (sounds like my sense of humour) hole through the rock. We dropped about 1400 ft below the rim of the Grand Canyon (the bottom being 5740 ft below the rim). You could ride a mule down to her if you wanted, not for us though.

Still smiling no walking done yet!

The path was nice and wide with many zig zags, I cannot say the scenery was incredible, nice (see I told you it was nice) is as far as I would go, it was a little too much of the same over and over again. If you did the whole descent to the bottom I would think that it would be more impressive.

Much zig zagginess

Supai Tunnel

Martin on a rock and something called Grand Canyon

It took us a couple of hours all together including a short cycle to the trailhead (start).
Once back a well needed shower (Janet even got a hot one this time, but no free cup of coffee, a cold shower $1.50 and free coffee $2.75). Next we did our laundry, all fresh and nice again (yes it is possible for us to be fresh and nice).

Then a couple of emails as Janet’s Exped sleeping mat has a failed baffle (too many heavy loads have slept on it), and the Rohloff hub is still leaking.

A broke mat

To finish the day a gentle stoll along the Transept Trail all the way to Bright Angel Point (angel or angle that is the question) and a very nice sunset.

What do you need to truly end a day in Grand Canyon? Pizza, so 4 huge (but quite doughy) slices later we were done for the day. The all you can eat will survive until tomorrow.

One of the other cyclists on site has suggested several places in California to finish our cycle in, all sound great so we may be heading that way.

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