Day 68 A lazy cycle down to Canyon Junction Zion Park

At 6.00 am I was up and cycling to the queue for South Campground, I ended up about 10th but was confident of getting somewhere to camp for the next 2 nights. It did take a long time for 10 people in front to get their places (they were using one out one in, so you just waited for someone to go). By 9.00 am we had our spot, number 51 for 2 nights now (there are around 175 spaces on this site).

So we packed up the tent, got our things together moved from Watchman to South Campground (they are next to each other). Got the tent back out and set up camp again, hunger had set in so we ate a hearty breakfast (one heart each, apparently they are good for you, I personally never go anywhere without mine). We were now ready to tackle the world.

All the shuttle buses have a bike rack, so we took advantage of this and got a lift uphill (you notice the cunning plan here of doing as little cycling as possible) all the way to the Temple of Sinawara. Starting here it was a simply cycle back down the gorge on a traffic free road (except for the shuttle buses), and of course the scenery was magnificent.

The next stop was Big Bend, more pictures and we even found some wild turkeys (they do exist and we have the stuffing to prove it). Then on to Weeping Rock, a rock that well ….. weeps, it has to do with impermeable rock strata blah blah blah, we had a short walk up to this.

To give an idea of height, some pictures of climbers and zooming out.


Can you still see them?


And finally the whole rock face

Next was The Grotto where we did a longer walk (1.5 miles) via the lower Emerald Pool to Zion Lodge. Here we ate our lunch and brought some hot and cold drinks, we then caught the shuttle back to our bikes which we had left at The Grotto.

It was then on to The Court Of The Patriarchs  and lastly Canyon Junction. Here we joined the Pa’rus Trail which we followed for 1.5 miles back to the campground.

A very nice day, relaxing and some glorious scenery.

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