Day 63 A day of resting 

Revelling in the luxury of Woodland Motel in Salida resulted in a complete failure to carry a heavy camera anywhere so no pictures,  in fact a failure to move at all, so not much to write about.

Apart from waiting in eager anticipation for the Trump vs Clinton debate this evening, it should make good viewing.

Our plans for the next part of the journey are now sorted. Tomorrow we get a bus to Pueblo,  then a one way car hire where we will drive to Cedar City in Utah (around 600 miles west). The Grand Canyon and Zion national parks awaits us there, we are really excited about this.

There was another parcel to send home at 5 pounds total weight containing set of things not used (such as common sense, humour, soap and maps).

I can also confirm that McDonalds over here is just the same as you would get at home, the idea of eating one is always better than actually eating one, I always end up disappointed by them.

(It proved very difficult to move anywhere in the USA on public transport with cycles, hence hiring a car).

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