Day 62 A short step into Salida

As we only had 12 miles to cycle today a nice late start was called for. Our food bag even survived a lonely night up a tree without being molested by a bear.


The tent was very frosted as well as the bikes. A quick temperature check and inside the tent it had dropped to -3.3 °C last night. The sun very quickly melted the frost and dried the tent.

More frost

Almost all the of the 12 miles of todays journey is downhill, see what I mean an easy day. The views were magnificent as first we rolled down open hillsides then later followed a narrow river valley down into Salida.




Once in town we asked a couple of people about accommodation, unfortunately there is no camping in town so we went for a motel booking in for 2 nights as it is time for a day off, a loud cheering can now be heard in the distance. 



Just a nice picture

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