Day 49 Onto Rawlins

After experiencing first hand the impact wind (not due to beans) has on cycling in the Great Divide Basin an early start was needed (the wind not starting in anger until 10.00 am). In fact some cyclists rather than battle the wind chose to do this part of the ride at night!

So we woke up to it raining on the tent, the skies were grey and stormy for the first time in weeks (I can just about remember what rain is).

A heavy sky

Everything was done inside the tent ready for a rapid exit but luck was on our side and the rain abated and we could actually pack up the last part in the dry.

One mile saw us back on our route, a very good track and mostly downhill took us to a paved road after 15 miles.

A heavy sky but a nice track

This was the Mining X road, a 24 mile long road to surprisingly a mine, we wondered why go to the expense of building this road? Along this it seemed just like home, colder (12°C) and drizzle, but our waterproofs work well.

A short clip of the straight mining x is HERE.

After 20 miles on the road we had our lunch break, we could see where the road finished on the main highway, it seemed close, but as we cycled it never got any nearer! After what seemed like forever we got to the highway.

We saw why there was a road built, Uranium mining.

The main highway had a smooth surface and a nice wide shoulder, initially a long pull uphill (5 miles no pushing though) then a loooong coast down into Rawlins nearly 10 miles.

We crossed the Divide again, Janet actually used the camera.

Man with hat and bike found next to a sign

We followed the main road through the centre, as we now on 57 miles we looked for a basic motel,  we found the Brickhouse Inn for $50 a night. It was the best of the cheap motels and OK.

They did recommend a place to eat, Bucks Bar and Grill, which served a great ribeye steak.

Back to the room, a little TV then sleep.

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