Day 46 To a digger next to Highway 28

We waited until the sun came up and started to thaw the thick frost covering our tent. Whilst this was happening we packed up our things, a later start but a fully dry (and much lighter) tent.

The site had left sprinklers on overnight and there was some impressive but very fragile looking ice crystals over the grass.

A short backtrack to the 353 road out of Boulder to a very nice paved road slowly climbing, with the wind behind us for a change we got a wiggle on. The paved section was 18 miles long and the riding easy (I am shocked at using the words the riding was easy).

The track then started but even more shockingly it was excellent quality, with the wind still behind us we continued wiggling on.

For a short ride down a track follow this link HERE.

All the time the track continued to climb (and some downs just to keep us on our toes) but we are already high at 7000 feet and we are “only” going to 7600 feet.

A 360 degree around the track follow this link. HERE

The terrain slowly changed to a very arid one, masses of sagegrass and no surface water (we had taken care to bring plenty of water today).

At 39 miles there was another possible camp spot, this was at Little Sandy Creek, it would normally be used by a commercial horse trekking outfit (who collect clients from Jackson Hole airport and bring them here to trek for days or weeks, not a cheap holiday option though) and other campers were not allowed there, as they were packing up for the season we could have stopped.
Unusually feeling strong, we decided to carry on, but water is very scarce now so we filtered 8 litres (if unsure about how much this is it is 4 two litre pop bottles, try strapping these to your back and carrying them!) With this water we could camp anywhere.

The water filters are the red bags

The scenery just got better and better, just breathtaking, some of the best if not the best so far on our journey, pictures will just not do it justice but here are my efforts.


On we went crossing the Great Divide then following it for an completely awesome one and a half miles (I make no apologies for using the word awesome at it truly was, but I do dislike the word awesome). 

For a 360 degree view follow the link HERE.

The wind began to turn against us at this point but we were comitted (please look us up at your local asylum or more politically correct your local secure medical establishment).  We were feeling a little tired by now (and little tired by now did not like being felt).

At 60 miles we were losing the will to live so just stopped to camp, this is where the track rejoined highway 28 and someone had left a huge digger there but it was flat.

When set up, suddenly a man appeared (not Mr Ben) he had broken down and was waiting for a tow truck (he had been waiting for almost 2 hours now and walked to this spot to get a phone signal),  the truck was travelling 40 miles just to get here, that will take him to the nearest town, he has to sort a repair out or a new car or stop there, breaking down here is not really the same as back home in the UK, it is a massive inconvenience.

Anyway tea made, sleeping bags called it was time to sleep, we watched a beautiful sunset. An outstanding day with stunning scenery, much bigness was seen.

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