Day 43 Almost another day in Yellowstone

Today everything was frozen solid from last night, so we picked everything up and threw it all in the back of the pickup. We drove to the showers (yes we are honorary americans now) as camping here included 2 showers.

We completed the whole of the loop yesterday so we thought to head back to Colter Bay to get hot drinks and a snack then down into Jackson.

We drove back to Colter Bay, at this point the pickup just cut out, all power was lost, even the door locking! One phone call later to a very unhelpful hire company who suggested to get a jumpstart from someone. Fortunately the first person I asked said no problem, it took a lot of fiddling then eventually all the power was back on.

Couldn’t resist, Smoke On The Water

There was going to be no turning off the engine now! Our first stop was to Moran Junction to pick up our post (we had forgotten the driving licences! And had them sent on for us to collect).

Then on to Jackson Hole, the views of the Tetons were very impressive (and very high).

We did not manage much shopping in Jackson, it is a town for the very rich. Almost every shop is an art gallery. So whilst chomping on a £5.00 sausage roll a cunning plan appeared. We could drive on to the next campground where I could leave Janet tomorrow,  return the hire car then cycle back to the campground. The only slight flaw in the plan was the 56 mile cycle back to Waran Bridge Campground.

An antler or two in Jackson

A lovely drive up to the campground,  all 56 miles of it following the river Hoback. There were a few others on the site but it was very quiet, it had water and a composting toilet.

Waran Bridge Campground

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