Day 42 A day in Yellowstone National Park

Yet another very cold start, they do encourage quick packing of the tent though. Today should see us go up to Slough Creek Campground in the NE corner of Yellowstone.

We left Colter Bay and the drive takes us past Flagg Ranch which was on the original route. It is still closed and you can see why, the burnt trees down both sides of the road, in the distance you can see smoke from still burning forest. The stench of burning green wood can be smelt everywhere.

Blackened and burnt trees near Flagg Ranch

Once past this we entered Yellowstone via the south, places visited along the way were: Lewis Falls, West Thumb Geyser Basin and Old Faithful. We then continued up the west side of the park to Mammoth Springs. The Yellowstone road network is in a figure of 8.

From Mammoth we headed for the NE entrance road, here we saw our first Bison (cheers) but our intended campground was closed due to fires. We turned around and headed down the east side of the park. This involved driving over a high pass at 8859 ft where there was snow by the roadside from last night.

Every campsite was full, so we kept going, stopping to see Sulphur Cauldron and Mud Volcano, eventually camping at Grant Villiage, it was 7.00 pm by now.

I have put together some pictures of what we saw.

Lewis Falls

An otter near West Thumb Geyser Basin

A pool in West Thumb Geyser Basin

View across the walkways West Thumb Geyser Basin

Old Faithful

Grand Prismatic Spring


View from the top of Dunraven Pass

This has almost the same pH as battery acid

A stag

Finally I did make a couple of videos, follow the links below

You must watch this A Bison Wanders By

A dragon roaring

Of course Old Faithful

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