Day 41 Into Jackson Hole (and out again to Colter Bay)

A bit later starting today, frosties with milk mmmmm. Patti then invited us into her house for a second breakfast, tea and fresh fruit / cheese/ cold meat.

Full scale loading of a pickup

We finished packing then loaded all 4 bikes onto the back of their pickup, said farewell to the family and were off.

Patti and Janet

It was 30 miles to the top of Jackson Pass, only about the last 6 are up the rest is flat. We drove past our first proper drive in cinema which operates during the summer.

Then a very steep climb up to the top of the pass at 8419 ft (ahhh the luxury of a lift!). This pass is kept open the entire year whatever the weather. Just before the top, goodbye to Idaho and hello Wyoming our third state.

We took some photographs at the top and all parted company, we took the nice walk / cycle way down (5 miles no pedaling and surprisingly cold with the windchill).

Getting ready to descend Jackson Pass

At the bottom we stopped for coffee and asked where could we camp in Jackson Hole, nowhere was the answer. I will sidetrack with a piece of celebrity gossip Harison Ford has his main home near Jackson Hole).

A short video of the descent can be found follow this link

One cunning plan later and we cycled into Jackson Hole and hired a car (well our own pickup which we could put both bikes into along with all our stuff). We were off (almost, how do you release the handbrake? So a question answered and we were now off).

The Tetons

We did have a short drive through Jackson and the verdict is very nice nut very expensive (a motel would be $168 a night compared to $60 the most expensive so far). We drove out and up to Colter Bay campground. Set the cruize control to 55 mph and enjoy views of the Tetons from the other side on the way up past Moran Junction to Cokter Bay. It cost $50 for a pass to get into both state parks though

The campground is very nice but very commercial (these commercials are everywhere here in the US).

We are the proud owners of a Yellowstone guidebook, now that means we are fully qualified tourists now.

To celebrate its burger and beans time with a little beer and wine and a donut to follow.

Not very many pictures today, a car is a very different wat to travel, you just do not see as much. I am already pleased it is only for 2 more days.

A pickup of our own!

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