Day 39 To Warm River Campground

It was not a good night for sleeping, a thunderstorm passed over in the night, even with your eyes closed you could see the lightning and the thunder seemed to roll on forever (actually probably one minute). The rain was not heavy but persistant for much of the night.

The I20

However when we woke at 6.00 they sky was clear and there was no sign of last nights thundery jolities. Another breakfast favorite graced our bowls this,morning, Frosties. Janet even managed a cup of filter coffee from the reception. Many motels and RV parks seem to do this, just ask for a coffee (this makes me sad as often, meaning all the time, the tea is terrible).

Being next to the I20 equals a lot of road noise, everything else on the site was very good.

Todays journey is entirely on paved roads, different from the original route that followed an old railway which has large sections of Larva Sand (luckily not actual molten lava as I had forgotten to fit flameproof tyres) and we did not fancy a struggle today.

For 15 miles we followed the I20, it was not a nice road to cycle down as it was just so busy, but we did manage it without incident. Plus the added bonus of cycling down (or up) the longest main street in America, 33 miles long called Island Park.

Much of the road was designed using only a ruler and pencil.

After 15 miles we turned off  the I20 and on to the Mesa Falls National Scenic Byway. Now this road was very nice to cycle down just the very occasional car (mostly trucks). Again the roads were straight and travelled through very nice open forest (unlike the previous thick forest).

Mesa Falls National Scenic Byway

We arrived at Mesa Falls where we stopped for lunch and to admire the view which was very impressive.

The Lower Falls

This part of Idaho has been formed during a violent volcanic eruption, where the volcano had a crater 23 miles across.  As we continued cycling we caught our first view of the Teton Mountains they have 3 main peaks all around 13000 ft high, we will ride close to these in the coming days.

The Teton Mountains are the small bumps in the very far distance

A good descent was the spoilt by a puncture, I now lead Janet by two punctures, she has been fortunate so far. This was swiftly (ish!) fixed then down to Warm River Campground. Warm river may have started it’s life as a hot spring, but it is well and truly cold here though, but very nice to dip weary feet in though.

Foot dippin in Warm River

What a lovely campground.

Wildlife seen on the campground was a Belted Kingfisher, who was .. well fishing from the bank opposite our tent and a Yellow Breasted Sapsucker which is a type of woodpecker, who was … well pecking wood or it could have been sucking sap in the tree next to our tent.


The weather today has been breezy but quite sunny with a maximum temperature of 26 degrees, a lot cooler today not too bad for cycling.

All is well with the world 35 miles ridden and 420 ft of climbing all on pavement easy relaxing cycling. What better way to have now cycled 1000 miles !!!!

5 thoughts on “Day 39 To Warm River Campground

  1. Hi Martin & Janet, hope you are well.
    It’s fascinating reading your blog and seeing your lovely pics, just stay safe away from those bears! take care, Ann xx


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