Day 34 The wild camp beckons

It was not as cold last night, dropping to 1°C, the usual pack up and guess what for breakfast … rice crispies (cheer) with water (boo). Then on to the gravel track, a steady climb up to todays high spot of 6300 ft.

The day itself was very hazy, we were unable to see any real scenery. What we thought was mist turned out to be smoke from the 5 bush fires in and around Yellowstone Park which is 100 miles away. I can barely  imagine the great clouds of smoke being given off by the fire if it does this to the atmosphere so far away from it. We are heading that way as well (I knew my fire retardant boxer shorts would come in useful, who says I wasted my money now?).

All smokey

The descent was good if a little bumpy, the track slowly improving. After 13 miles we hit a highway (well Janet did I am not a violent type) giving a nice break of 4 miles on a paved road. Then right back at it, the track is 57 miles long now, we will camp about 15 to 20 miles along it.

It is very rough to begin with, hard cycling, but as seems the norm it does improve, all the time climbing slowly. The heat is not oppressive like it has been, but just as we were thinking this, the wind changed direction blowing the smoke away from us and in no time at all we were baking (cherry pie this time, with imaginary cherries and made up pie).

Smoke gone

Around 2.00pm a truck stops and we talk to a man just taking his dogs for a drive! But he did suggest a camping spot which we carried on to, so tent pitched, water filtered, pasta meal cooked, a perfect end to the day.

The camp spot was idyllic, around mile 51 on our map, where the creek and track are close together.

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