Day 32 To Elkhorn Hot Springs (26th August)

After a 7.30 milk purchase, a large bowl of rice crispies, yes you hear right some rice crispies was downed rapidly and we are ready to go.

It is all on roads today not a track in sight, it does have a mere 29 miles of up then 4 of down.

Off we go, perfect tarmac and the riding was very easy (means gentle uphill). The riding is through woodland and more open grassland, all the time following a river.

Considering the road is a national scenic drive, there were virtually no cars travelling along it.

After a lot of miles we reached a false top, where the road flattened out, this happened once more, they are put there just to tease you. Finally the top, at 7840 ft, the highest so far.

Then comes the 4 miles of screaming (that was just me) downhill to a left turn up a track for half a mile and we were there, Elkhorn Springs. Eating in the bar was Robin, so after we spoke to the owner we doubled up in one room for $40 including a breakfast.

We were straight up to the hot springs, there are 2 pools one at 95°f the other at 98°f and a “sauna” at 105°f by sauna, another room with even hotter pools of water in. The pools were lovely and Janet said the sauna was very nice (too hot for us wimps). The whole set up was very unusual, I doubt it would have met any current health and safety legislation,  but who cares?  Remember if you have had an accident in the last 8 years contact our claim hotline.

The room is clean, the beds comfortable.

2 thoughts on “Day 32 To Elkhorn Hot Springs (26th August)

  1. Oh my goodness I have laughed at your blogs, had a lot to catch up with. It looks amazing and the views are breath taking, the little towns,the image I have of the Prarie you have captured the actual journey whether on roads, track or just grit. The experience must be just mind blowing. You are both very funny. Bob and his dogs got me emosh. X


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