Day 26 and 27 TWO! Rest days in Helena

Due to very low leg power we spent a couple of days sampling the delights of Helena, it is quite a nice town. It certainly has everything you need albeit spread over 4 miles.

Our motel

Shopping was the order of the day, replacing broken things, buying new things we have seen others using and thought what a great idea. It included a spork, stove fuel, tent guy rope tensioner, water bottle, squeezy tubes (you can put things like jam, nutella etc in so you do not have to carry a jar) and of course food. As usual the supermarket was half a mile away (in reality one mile).

We had a lovely breakfast with Robin who had the room next to ours. It was in the No Sweat Cafe on Last Chance Gulch Road.

There was a farmers market on saturday, this was excellent lots of variety most local to the area, it included stalls from two Armish Colonys and someone selling huge bags of popcorn. Being exceptionally healthy types we only purchased some fresh fruit which (unlike supermarket fruit) is ripe and ready to eat.

There is a very nice cathedral at the top end of town.

Other really mundane things were done, washing,  bike maintenance, steralising the drinking things, boiling eggs for tomorrow.

We actually watched the olympics, go go Mo. It is nice to watch a little tv.
Our normal visit to the library, which opens on sundays.

We said goodbye to Robin who has a lift down to Butte, we may well see her there tomorrow or the day after.

Oh and of course a rest day is not complete without an icecream (or two if you are greedy).

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