Day 22 Sidewards to Big Nelson Campground 

You remember what an early start is? well we didn’t,  so it was gone 10.00 before we left. There is an excuse though, in fact several.

Later last night a young Danish couple turned up,  they are travelling south to north and have been doing so for 2 months. The have been cycling a lot of miles every day, wake up, cycle, eat, sleep repeat.  As a result they were jaded and looking forward to finishing soon. They did give us quite a few hints for later on (like hire a car!).

The jail was surprisingly comfortable and despite a nagging voice in my head telling me to leave Janet locked in a cell I did release her.

Then it was over to the Stray Bullet diner for a breakfast,  eggs over easy, hash browns, toast and bacon or ham, very filling.

For a short clip of the town follow this link.

The ride today started easily, on paved roads for 3.5 miles then we hit the gravel (no we did not fall off our bikes) continuing for the remaining 16 miles.

It was big open country, huge skies and masses of billowing dust every time a car or truck came past  (mercifully this was not very often).

We even had a bit of little house on the prairie.

And the horses of course.

At one point there was a flat 4 mile section of straight (as in a ruled line straight, you know the mythical thing you would like to see in a year 10 book, sorry a teacher thing) track.

A final up saw us in Big Nelson Campground  (a relation to half nelson, full nelson and admiral nelson, how about that wrestling and an important historical figure in the same sentence). This campground only has 8 spots and we snagged number 1 (if only it were a number two it could have been funny). It is on the shore of Lake Coopers a very nice campspot.

A little later some swimming was done and a little fishing, nothing was caught but a pleasant end to the day was had by all.

6 thoughts on “Day 22 Sidewards to Big Nelson Campground 

  1. Absolutely loving your updates Martin and the photos are amazing – good luck for the rest of the trip – I will be following avidly


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