Day 21 To Ovando

A very late start, as we had to wait for the supermarket to open. We saw “the crew” from the last few days and said what was actually farewell as our day will be shorter today.

We were off, so were Janet’s socks,  that is what 4 days of constant wearing will do.

The normal forest tracks were very difficult riding today making slow progress.

There was the up and some down then up and lots of down. The forest gave way to more open grassland.  For the first time since Eureka we had “Big Skies” again and rootin tootin fine it is as well (apologies for breaking out into television cowboy talk).


Eventually we rolled across highway 200 into Ovando population 50.

A quick chat to the owner of the fishing tackle shop and we have 3 choices. Behind door 1 is camping next to the museum.  Behind door 2 is sleeping in a teepee.  Behind door… well you get the idea is sleeping in a trail caravan and last sleeping in the jail,  we chose the latter.



Some cold drinks later and a beer plus a nice shower and we are done for the day, what a lovely town this is.

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