Day 20 The longest short day to Lake Seeley.

We left about the same time as Gary and Tom, they both saddled up and wearing a holstered gun each, one of the 3 horses a pack horse and off they go.


They both live in Lincoln where we pass through in a few days.

Our plan for the day was a short 9 miles to Clearwater Lake if you remember. So a nice steady start with a good track and we made good time (I have never said that before on this blog).

At one point some wild (?) horses blocked the track, there is always an excuse to stop if you look hard enough. Onwards we went and in very good time reached Clearwater Lake.

It was here an important decision was made  (cue dramatic music then a silent pause)  we were to continue for the full day. We got taking to a young couple who were packing up  (it was sunday, end of the weekend), they gave use the remainder of the water they had to take with us, so we had everything we needed now for the full day 33 miles and a 6500 ft pass to go over.

At ths point Brad and Bruce pulled up (a big round of high fives once they realised we were carrying on, it is america you know). Off we started again stealing a march on the pair of them.

The main part of today was a 5.5 mile continuous uphill,  and we were soon into it. All forest track, very rocky at times but the biews just go better and there was a lovely section of single track (this is half of a double track) connecting two sections of the usual “road”. Follow this link for a short clip.

We also surprised a hare.


Up and up, better and better views, we stopped at a switchback (hairpin for non americans) for lunch, Brad and Bruce came storming past us, taking full advantage of our pit stop to take the lead.

We later found out we narrowly missed a grizzly bear who crossed the road after Bruce but before us, phew.

It changed to a single track all the way to the top then,  opening out to truly magnificent views.

Culminating in a 6518 ft high point.
We saw a pair of Golden Eagles at this point, even getting a lucky photograph.

The descent again was a single track with some very steep drops to our left, this went on an on, just like this  blog. No need to pedal for 4 miles then a track down to Lake Seeley our choice of sleeping venue for tonight. The local motel had a campground behind it perfect.

Seeley is a one road town, but it is a long road and all services are very spread out, not ideal for someone with tired legs. We will get shopping in the morning,  and a chicken dinner from the local  (20 mins walk!) chicken diner.

A fantastic day today.

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