Day 19 The Owl Packer Site

Definitely an early start, the heat is paralysing  (that was Janet’s excuse for her legs not working anyway). The obligatory 1 mile uphill start went without comment. We were off (and you could also use the word ripe, or just smelly).

A long uphill to start, we passed two new cyclists, Brad and Bruce playing with their new toy, it needs some serious pedalling though.

Brad and Bruce

It was forest track all the way today, very rough with lots of undulating (cycling talk for blimey another hill, you never notice the downs).

It was 40 miles today, more climbing than yesterday, very tough.

We had a mid ride meltdown, setting the scene think Big Bang Theory, Penny is locked out of her flat and all her shopping is on the floor ice cream melting, well you know the one and she eats a fly and bursts into tears. Here it was being bitted by a fly, I was almost carrying on by myself for a while, we overcame and moved on.

Eventually we made it to Holland Lake Campground, but this was full, so we thought get some food at the lodge there, but this was booked for a private wedding reception, thwarted a second time.

Up to the Owl Packer Campground it is.

Once again arriving to a great applause from the 4 already set up and looking very relaxed (curse you all!).

A long discussion and we decided to do a short day tomorrow, just up to Clearwater Lake Campground, 9 miles away. Giving us half a day off. Our only problem was a lack of food for the extra day,  we could make do, even relying on the excellent trout fishing skills to suppliment our food. But word was out and we had some noodles and sardines  (Alan) and bean surprise (Brad and Bruce) the surprise was we survived eating it.

While we was relaxing a truck and horse trailer pulled up.

The Owl Packer Campground is a major starting point for horse packing trips. This would account for the several empty horse boxes abandoned around the site. Tom and Gary get 3 horses out of their trailer and get all ready for their trip. They are going for 5 days out into the forest  (wilderness) and maybe do a little fishing as well. They camp under the stars  (well a tarpaulin).

An end to a tough day.

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