Day 18 To Fatty Creek Campground (Friday 12 August)

We packed up quickly and got off about the same time as Jerry, Alan, Rita and Puis. It was a 3.75 mile uphill just to get back on to our route, past last nights burger experience.

Ate a flathead monster here last night

A nice 5 miles of road (I have stopped using the word paved I know how easily confused you can get).
Then the big one, 6 miles, I’ll say it again for the distance challenged amongst you, 6 miles of uphill, no flat, no down just up. The one redeeming thing is the track is good, forested with occasional  views.

I even managed a couple more butterfly pictures. It was a particularly good day for them with some quite dense flocks (?) of them, I know you should not stereotype a butterfly as stupid but…..


We caught a glimpse of 6 turkey vultures circling very high, they had found something dead no doubt, or were waiting fot Janet to drop.
Our highest point of the day.

Look maximum height today

At exactly 33 miles we dropped off route down to the campground (cue a mini crisis about the next day starting with an up, the hill we have just coasted down), receiving a round of applause from Jerry, Alan, Rita and Puis on our arrival (everyone else cycles a lot faster.

The campground has one composting toilet and a creek (which is not fat in any sense of the word). But it is lovely.

We dunked ourselves in the creek for an icy wash (for the few seconds bottoms were exposed the fastest, and bravest, of the insects managed to bite Janets behind). There is no news about whether it survived the experience.

We hung our food bags and scented toiletries from the road bridge in cae on bears.

A long tough day 39 miles and in excess of 3000 feet of climbing.

One thought on “Day 18 To Fatty Creek Campground (Friday 12 August)

  1. Just loving this journey with you both, imagining I am there with you and not prepping to go back to school 😟 Xx
    Burger place looked fab, piccies please!!! Xx

    Stay safe xx


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