Day 17 Another rest day, what are you playing at (in Bigfork).

A social breakfast with Peter, Anne, David and Rob then they all begin preparing for a days toil on their cycles. Peter like a greased weasel away first the others much more leisurely. Then all of a sudden we are alone (this is the part you go ahhh).

Eventually we made our way up out of the campground and who is on the roadside but Rob repairing a puncture, he didn’t even make it out of the campground.

In order to reduce the level of toil we have selected several items to send back to the UK, these include the coffee maker, a hairdryer, camp table (and a the straight one they came as a pair), 15 sets of underwear etc etc etc. In all we shed nearly 8 pounds (and 80 dollars postage).

A short cycle and we were back in Bigfork town centre,

a quick taste of Huckleberry Jam, which we can highly recommend,  at Eva Gates home made preserves.

Then the most important part track down a large cake, coffee  and some tea. Where better than the bakery.

Next on our fully packed day off agenda was to view the lake from up a hill, Flathead Lake. This last is the largest freshwater lake north of the Mississppi, when I say large it is immense.

A nice burger finishes the food part of the day well.

A slow walk down to Flathead Lake with swimming trunks and paddling knickers in hand for a leap into crystal clear water, it was just what was needed to relax. I will have to say it again this lake is huge.

Back at the tents some more cyclists have arrived, a Swiss couple cycling down to Denver, along with two friends from New York State one only having 10 days so is doing a short section  (he is a physics teacher, I should have photographed him as a rare species).

Finally a sunset over Flathead Lake.

2 thoughts on “Day 17 Another rest day, what are you playing at (in Bigfork).

  1. What a pretty little town, just like what you see on TV, bet the cake is nothing like yours!! Sitting here giggling at the dangerous species that is a physics teacher lol xx


  2. Beautiful lake and the sunset wow. It’s lovely that you are meeting up and meeting different, friendly people. Good idea losing some weight on your journey. Yes to CAKE and fresh coffee.
    It truly looks amazing. X


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