Day 12 up up up over the top to Tuchuck Campground 

Away at 8.30, with no sign of the deer we deposed from their grazing area last night.  Unfortunately we have half a mile of up to get out of the campground  (see what i mean about a trend with these campgrounds). The pay off is the half a mile down and we are back on route again.

Today is a big day we cross the Great Divide for a second time, this is the Whitefish Divide, named after the nearest town Whitefish or it could be the other way around.

Leaving Grave Creek Campground

The track started well, all paved and slow steady (more emphasis on the slow).

The road then reverted to the track we know and love, but still reasonable.

We did pass a man and his granddaughter picking something, we stopped and talking to them they were picking Huckleberries. These only grow at altitude and grow as a single berry, so you have to spend a lot of time to pick any amount. We asked to try some and a handful later we could see the reason they are picking, they are lovely, similar to a blueberry in many ways. We will certainly be looking out for any food (and beer so we have seen) containing them.

Anyway that excuse for a rest was now exhausted so time to move on (move on meaning up). A group of 3 women cyclists then passed us, remember this point.

We do have a murderer in the pair of us, Janet quite deliberatly ran over a snail (you could hear the crunch) rather than avoid it because she was too tired, i would show you the picture only I was too tired to take it.

Continuing up, deep forest each side, the track getting exponentially steeper and rougher (some pushing starting to occur).

Then we were at the top, one disappointing photograph opportunity later we were on the way down.

The guide book for this part of the track said “coast” to the campground,  a lie, but 4.5 miles later we entered Tuchuck Campground.

Remember the 3 who passed us on the way up, they were the only others there and had set up a camp already including a fire. Best of all some hot water already boiled, so a cup of tea later and we set up ourselves.

Joy, Sammie and Audrey were fantastic, two leaving their jobs on the east coast and taking 2 and a half years doing what they want to do (wintering in Colarado sounds epic)  they met Audrey who was taking 4 weeks to go as far as she could down the Great Divide. All of you great examples of “just do it” attitudes (although i hate to associate them with a well known brand).

Time for a wash in the creek, very very cold and very very “nekked” it certainly tightens and refreshes (and shrinks!) after a long day cycling. You feel a lot better when it is done than when you are doing it.

One big advantage of a camp fire is the endles hot water you can produce, this is someting we need to look at more, we would have to get a different pot to do this with.

Finally the constant variety of butterflys is amazing (I need to find some new superlatives I am running out), I have failed at every attempt to photograph them, I have several pictures of a leaf or the ground as yet.

This is one of the nicest campgrounds we have stopped at, here is a 360 degree of the tent area follow this link.

One thought on “Day 12 up up up over the top to Tuchuck Campground 

  1. Well sounds like an amazing time you are having. Huckleberrys, anything to do with Finn. Lovin that people are so friendly.


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