Day 10 To Edwards Lake Campground almost in the USA

We awoke to a glorious sunny day, and were on our way by 9.30, and then a visit to the campground next door for oblutions and water.

A right turn at the Jeffery-Bayes Lake Road and we soon picked up the route we needed to follow  (by which I mean dirt track), the riding was quite reasonable follow this link for a view of the track. Link not working yet.
Then we were back on to paved road, where we passed a pile of twigs sitting on top of a pole. There was a chick in the nest although difficult to see from the ground. The person living opposite this “pole” told me they were Ospreys. In fact you could see both parents waiting in a tree opposite rather than come to the nest while we were there.

Baby Osprey

As we continued there are now more fields everywhere has a lot more space and a feeling of openness.  A lack of rocky peaks surrounding us does it as well. Even a herd of cattle grazing.

We then moved to paved road,  infact highway 93, a personal favourite of mine, with an exillerating downhill maximum speed 36 mph (for those of you uncertain of how fast that is, it is apparently the maximum speed a grizzly bear runs at, which in turn is exactly 1 mph slower than Janet can run). The long uphill then followed maximum speed 5 mph (for those of you unfamiliar with how fast this is it the speed a snail travels at when assisted by a tail wind just before a cruel cyclist crushes it without a thought, but more about this later).

We crossed the Elk River for one last time (it is at the bottom of the dip in the last picture.

Taken ftom the bridge over the River Elk

The Elk empties into Lake Coocanusa quite an apt name asnthe USA Canada border cuts it in half.

A battered sign on the left stopped us, Edwards Campground, it was not even marked on the map. We followed the track which descended steeply (always a bad thing as if there is nothing there you have a struggle back up). I did stop a truck and they confirmed there was one at the end of the road. We got there and it was deserted, so one tent pitched later and we were set for the night.

Edwards Lake Campground

The site had no facilities at all, around 45 mins later another truck came past (to avoid confusion, by truck I mean a pickup type) I stopped this and asked about water, after confirming there was nothing apart from lake water (it is always bad to use still water) the lady kindly said she would drive and get us some from her house. 15 minutes later we were the proud owner of 10 litres of drinkable water (it is these tiny things in life which make us happy).
We had traveled 19 miles today in glorious sunshine.

We had a paddle.

We even saw a turtle in the shallows.

3 thoughts on “Day 10 To Edwards Lake Campground almost in the USA

  1. Oh Martin I was a little worried due to lack of daily updates. How amazing, I could so ride- well sit on my bike and go down hill at 35 miles an hour, the wind in my hair,mmmmm. Love that people are do friendly and helpful. Their is hope for our world. Beautiful country and wow to the wild life.


      • Yes, rationally I new this but on checking Canadian news. With a Tornado being the main one, a bear attack and the odd murder or two. Well off I went lol.
        Glad you are both OK. Amazing journey and so loving the updates. There is a book in the making here. X


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