Day 6 a lazy day in Elkford

The day started with a massive and when i say massive I mean quite big thunderstorm. The rain was torrential then changed to hail, it was bouncing a foot off the ground. Luckily we have a nice shelter to hide under with benches and all that kinds of stuff in.

We did our washing (by hand in a sink), and generally got things up to date.

In Elkford and it’s environs there are lots of tracks including by main roads, down these tracks whole families go out on their off road carts. These can be driven by children as well and can often be seen on the road. I got talking to a group of off roaders, who told me there are around 700 miles of tracks available to use in the Elk valley alone. At the end of the day one came over to me and said they would take me out if I was here tomorrow,  a shame we are moving on.

A typical track next to the highway

A typical buggy

We have also met a Dutch gentleman Peter who is doing the same route but finishing in November, he has done lots of pushing as well.
We were invited to a log pit fire by Jay who is with relatives here, and has a home made apricot (fresh) sponge cake mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.

The cake

Jay’s family

4 thoughts on “Day 6 a lazy day in Elkford

  1. Loving every minute of your amazing adventures – right now I am in a slightly overcast Wales with a view of Snowden in the distance – trying to imagine the 10,000 of the 20,000 – it sounds both scary and exhilarating Martin – I look forward to every update – good luck and keep finding cake!


  2. Cake lmao. Sniffer dog you are. Lovin the campfire meet with others, please tell me they was a guitar or banjo. A good old sing along with a scary story thrown in is a must. X


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