Day two

One instant porridge breakfast and a swift packing of bags and we were ready for the off. We said farewell to the Spray Lakes campground and set off in very pleasant morning sunshine.

A brief stop at a small stream to filter water for today’s journey.

We had 9 miles of lakeside which shockingly only had a few ups and downs, the scenery was magnificent, remote and mountainous.

The lake is used for hydro electric generation of electricity and conveniently at the end of the dam was a bench (snack stop) and a friendly squirrel and gopher.

Shortly after this the single track (narrow walking path you cycle down) started mostly through forest, it did involve a lot of  complaining pushing of bikes.
Our lunch stop was Bryan Creek Bridge (are you noticing a trend here?).

The butterflies were quite amazing they really likes the bikes. No matter how hard we tried you cannot harness butterfly power to assist in pedaling your bike.

The steepest uphill next and some downhill etc etc etc.

By then it was 4.00 pm and we were very tired and spent some time looking for a camp spot. We were overtaken by a group of 6 riders who were doing the whole route in 7 weeks (minimum 55 miles a day, not for us!).

We even tried to get in a very nice looking lodge but they were full, so in the end we pitched our tent just behind some pine trees, and had a well deserved pasta meal and sleep.

We did break the 6000 feet altitude height today though, just in case you do not know how high this is it is double the height of something 3000 feet high.
Summary 19 miles cycled (18.5 miles of which was pushing).

One thought on “Day two

  1. I’d be huffing and puffing unable to complain due to physical exhaustion and not enough oxygen. Could sit at the Creek though. Jealous yes I am x


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