Getting ready to cycle

Having exhausted all possible delaying opportunities it was now bike assembly time.

Now what is missing?

All done.

Mine is the one with the motor on

Next was another walk into town for some essentials, you know the type of things needed for outdoor life,  sweets, chocolate and cake (what we want to eat) but an epic fail occured; porridge, dried pasta and peanut butter (what we actually got) and apparently Mary Berry does not have a recipe with these in! but we do have enough food for 4 days now.
We did take a stroll to the river.

A view of the river Bow next to Banff

Then the moment you have all been waiting for the BEAR SPRAY. Plus a super loud whistle, apparently they are sensitive to sound (no chance of any bears at night then with the bullfrog / elephant cross who sleeps in our tent every night).

Yes Bears Beware

Thank you and good night.

This camping thing is very tough at times

4 thoughts on “Getting ready to cycle

  1. How pretty is it there. Lovin the bear spray picture. How exciting that finally you are preparing for the off, peddling away on your journey. X


  2. So you’ve been in a car to Gatwick, plane to Calgary and bus to Banff. Are you actually planning to do any cycling stuff? You can’t put it off for ever.
    BTW Is bear spray like fly spray?


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