Martin’s last day at work

Time has flown by since we decided to cycle the great divide and now my last day at work has come and gone. I started the day with mixed feelings, a sadness that an important part of my life has now been put on hold and excitement about what is to come.

Many thanks for all of the best wishes I have received along with the many gifts and cards. In particular I have to mention my fantastic Year 11’s who are the best and sorry I will miss you enter our 6th form.

All our gifts and cards

Our meal out was lovely.


Wilkes stealing that limelight again

And finally my biggest thank you goes to the 6th form and saturday teams you all rock (One rocks in a chair, smoking jacket and slippers: one as steady as a rock: one strutting to heavy rock, and I have run out of rocks now).

4 thoughts on “Martin’s last day at work

  1. OMG today is the beginning of your fantastic journey. Will be thinking and watching the blogs. Wishing you a safe and exciting adventure. X


  2. Well I finally cracked the technology – and will be following your adventures avidly – good luck on your adventure Martin and Janet – what a fantastic quote about sliding into the grave! I must remember that in September when I’m thinking – I wish we had another week off……


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