Jones Bars

We thought that as time moves on, very rapidly it has to be said, we would talk about some of the items we will be taking. As the title says, both cycles are fitted with JONES LOOP bars 710mm one black and one silver. Jones Bar

They were purchased from Sideways Cycles who we would not hesitate to recommend, their service was excellent.

The bars fitted easily and work very well with a Rohloff setup and the Eagon GC1 Rohloff specific grip. When in use the 710mm initially feels very wide but very quickly we appreciated the superb levels of control this width affords you. Even heavily loaded not once did the front end of our Trolls feel unwieldy. This width means a very long bar roll can be fitted without feeling over large. The only negative is when taking the cycle on a train (yes Virgin trains we mean you) they have a very narrow space to accomodate the bikes so can cause difficulty, which with care you can work around.

The Eagon grip suits the bars and when adjusted carefully are incrediably comfortable. You will have to have an allen key to hand and fiddle with the position of the grip to get it just right. We do not feel it is essential to wear gloves with the grips, yes they fit your hands that well.

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